täglich ab 14 Uhr
  rosenthaler str 39, 10178 berlin - mitte


Nach wie vor hat die Kaffeekaschemme täglich ab 14 Uhr geöffnet; hier gibts lecker Kaffee und wer mag schlürft ein Likörchen.
Erholt Euch bei Kaffeespezialitäten,  Erfrischungsgetränken und ausgewählten Cocktails vom Mittestress.


Dienstag, 27. Januar, ab 22 Uhr

Bande á Part
- Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter -

Dancer: Mab Cardoso

Mab Cardoso, 25 years old, is graduated from the Federal University of
Bahia. Began her artistic experiences with classical ballet in 1990.
Researches contemporary dance, performance, Telematics and Dance Digital
Culture. Her last Project Solo called “Maria Augusta Bárbara” has already
been performed on several stages, as Festival Scratxe Underground –
MATADERO Madrid and Vitoria Gastez / SPAIN; Performer at the Stammtschi
and Eschschloraque Rümschrümp – Berlin/GERMANY, “Abril pra Dança” –
Bahia/BRAZIL). She has carried out various projects collaborating with
visual artists, photographers and musicians. She is currently living and
working in Berlin.

28. Januar, ab 22 Uhr

 Djne MissVergnügen - ausnahmsweise solo

30. Januar, ab 22 Uhr

Boktoz Music Night

- Keita Matsui Chikara Aoshima

Consists of a unique tuned acoustic e-guitar and electronic beats.
The set will be played together with drum synthesizer by Chikara Aoshima.
Oriental and nostalgic, solid and loud.

Chikara Aoshima /Drummer and composer 
based in Berlin and combining between Electronic Music and Acoustic Music.


- Wild Asian DJ set
house electro minimal disco

Daisuke PAK (ODD/V-Records)

Nagumo vol.1

31. Januar, ab 22 Uhr


Wichy de Vedado (La Habana)
Vilas Pomp (Köln)
Elektronische Musik

Kubanische Elektroklänge, begleitet von einem Veteranen aus dem Rheinland. Das transatlantische
DJ-Gespann Wichy de Vedado und Vilas Pomp geben sich im Eschschloraque ein Stelldichein der
besonderen Art.

Geprägt sowohl durch die afrokaribischen, vom Jazz durchwebten Klänge seiner Heimat als auch von
europäischer Technokultur, hat Wichy de Vedado einen ganz besonderen Sound zu bieten, im Spannungsfeld
zwischen Analogem und Digitalem. Er hat bereits mit Gilles Petterson produziert und darf nun seine kreative
Hand auch am hiesigen Mischpult live beweisen.

Vilas Pomp, einer der Masterminds hinter Vibe Tribe Soundsystem und Chroma-Park-Records, wagt dazu einmal
mehr den Spagat zwischen dubbigen Housetunes und fordernden Technotracks aus den Produktionsschmieden
zwischen Ware, Max.Ernst, Traum/Trapez, Shitkatapult und natürlich vielen eigenen Erzeugnisssen. 
Ein Pionier der Kölner Schule und weit darüber hinaus.

03. Februar, ab 22 Uhr

Bande á Part
- Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter -

"Black Intermezzo"

Oren Lazovski & Michele Meloni
Surrealistic Performance

Start: 23 Uhr / 11 pm
Eintritt / Entrance: 4€

Oren Lazovski

Born in Haifa, Israel, 1980. He studied music from an early age, playing the accordion as
a main instrument at the local conservatory at his home
town Kiryat Haim. Following further
dance and art education at the "Reut
Jounior High School Haifa", later on "Wizo High School of
the Arts",
Dance Department, 1998 graduated with honour. Additionally education of classical ballet,
R.A.D, at the "Haifa Ballet
Studio" with Liora Bing Heideker. Oren has won the "Sharet Foundation
America Israel" scholarships ,
attended the international summer courses of the Bad Dor Higher
School of
Dance" years 1996-1998, Tel Aviv, Israel. After graduation he joind the I.D.F. as "Excellent
dancer" and trainne at
the "Bat Dor" dance company Tel Aviv,Israel.
Oren have worked with the Bat Dor company for 4 years, where he experienced wide range repertory
of neo classical, modern and contemporary
pieces. The choreographers were a.o. Hans van Mannen,
Nils Christie, Ido
Tadmor, Tamir Ginz, Luciano Kenito, Igal Perry, Lior Lev - to name a few.
In 2006 he has moved to Berlin and since then he has worked with different projects and companies.
A.o. Nürnberg Staatstheater, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Zeynep Tanbay Dance Project Istanbul, Cyprus
National Theater, Israeli Opera Tel Aviv, Ballett
Magdeburg, Ismael Ivo "Apollo und Haycintus" Berlin,
Internationaal Dance
Theater Amsterdam and more.
As a choreographer Oren has created for the "Bat Dor" dance company, collaborated with Jürgen 
Grotzinger for his "Alchemisitc Cabaret", invited
by the "Maxim Gorki" schauspiel studio Berlin and
Deutsche Oper Berlin to
present his work.

Oren main focous is on the fusuion between music and dance and has develop
his method aimed for musicians and dancers-"The Integreated Instrument".!about/c46c

Michele Meloni

Michele Meloni studierte Tanz und Theater in Mailand. Er arbeitete mit Ersiliadanza in Verona, Michal
Mualem (Sasha Waltz Company) und Theater
Thikwa. Von 2003 bis 2011 war er am Staatstheater Kassel
als Tänzer
engagiert und arbeitete dort u. a. mit Johannes Wieland, Yossy Berg/Oded Graf und der
RootlessRoot Dance Company. Er assistierte Modjgan Hashemian
in Berlin. Zuletzt arbeitete er mit Anna
Konjetzky für die Produktion
„lighting“, einer deutsch-vietnamesischen Koproduktion.

Mittwoch, 04. Februar, ab 22 Uhr

Hot Tunes for Cool Cats

Dj Jri & MissVergnügen

Donnerstag, 05. Februar, ab 22 Uhr

Dj: ED2000 (Dangerous Drums)

Ed2000 bought his first 7" in 69.  Toots & The Maytals, 54 46 was my number.
in 80 he played his first dj set to a club audience, Billies in Soho London, a
Punky Reggae party. in the 80s Genre Djing & moving to Berlin were the big
Game Changers.

Now in 2013, 4000+ Gigs, 20 years of continuous Radio presence & lot of Vinyl, Cd
and Downloads purchased, Corin has come full circle. Not satisfied that any one
Genres new releases are able to provide enough excellence for a 5 hour set, he feels
at home playing out a freestyle sound again.  Incorporating the very finest musical
moments from his personal archive, together with the stand out tracks from the several
hundred pre-release,s he receives each week.

Crossing Styles, BPM,s & Decades, Ed2000 plays a seven hour set of timeless
trax, past, present & future.

Freitag, 06. Februar, ab 22 Uhr

A queer Night of Dark Music

Ludi Oktokreuz
Aurelia Dinamita
Schatten Voraus

Post Punk, Dark 80s, New Wave, Minimal Synth, Oldschool Goth

Samstag, 07. Februar, ab 22 Uhr

Dj's : Denize Swan (TwenFM) and Ghost Past

Denise has been DJing for over 12 years now and has an undeniable passion for
House Music. At the age of 18, she made her first experiences at legendary Casino
and Beatstreet in Berlin. In her DJ-sets, she connects the origin of Detroit-House to
Techno and deeper sounds.

Over the last few years, she has played at various clubs all across Europe such as
Rex Club Paris, L’ambassade Lyon, Arena Club, Watergate, Cookies, Club Masters
Zagreb and many more. In 2010, Denise became residency on the Berlin electronic
music focused TV and Radio TwenFM.

Mittwoch, 11. Februar, ab 22 Uhr

Weird Tunes for Winter


Iwanka & MissVergnügen

Donnerstag, 12. Februar, ab 22 Uhr

Dj: Al Chem

Freitag, 13. Februar, ab 22 Uhr

Dj Team: TimeCoderz vs Vinyltrottel
Deep / Electro

Samstag, 14. Februar, ab 22 Uhr

Live: Pseudo Slang (Sub-Bombin Records, Fat Beats Records, Chicago, Buffalo)

DJ: Jah Fish

@Brenda Padgett

Boasting a highly sought-after, jazzy sound and an industrious tour ethic, Pseudo Slang’s Emcee
Sick and Dj Form have maintained a staggering show schedule touring for the greater part of the last
decade+ including Europe, the US, and Canada. The PSlangers are rolling strong as they  work with
Rawhead and the homies at Sub-Bombin Records on their forthcoming full-length "Fumble For My Pen"
for which the 12" vinyl single "Cyclical" drops January 2015. Pseudo Slang continue to tour in support
of this new single and of course their highly-acclaimed full-length “We’ll Keep Looking” (Fat Beats Records, 2009)
which continues to make HUGE noise across the globe. Their German Import 7” vinyl single Pseudo Slang X Trucker
Stroe “Cool Letter Man” ThinkLoud Records is also still available, and of course search around the world
and the web for PS features on other artists' releases, and on mixtapes and  compilations.

When the PSlangers last took a dip across the pond for a European Tour they released their "Till It Ends" EP with
Rawhead (Sub-Bombin Records, NY), which has whet the appetite for all the upcoming dopeness PS has in store.
With all the touring on the slate catching a PShow is totally within the realm of possibility.

- here's what people have to say about Pseudo Slang:

This is what would’ve happened if Digable Planets formed a super group with Slum Village.”  -

Pseudo Slang is the thinking fan’s kind of hip-hop”  - Chicago Sun Times

“When I first heard Pseudo Slang ‘Yes Doubt’ I was floored, and it became my #1 Song of 2008. I’ve been doing
radio for 18 years but few songs ever gave me chills, ‘Yes Doubt’ was one of them. I can’t wait for the album.”

- Dj 3rd Rail Chicago DJ and Radio Legend, 89.3FM WNUR, DJ3RDRAIL.COM <http://DJ3RDRAIL.COM>

“Fat Beats have signed a great act here and we hope to hear more of their output if the standard of production and rhymes are like these.”
- Fat City Records


This link below is to some coverage another interview video of ours got (the link to actual vid is in it):

Below is a link to a FREE DOWNLOAD of the song “Yes Doubt” also from the official Fat Beats Records full-length Pseudo Slang “We’ll Keep Looking” 

Follow Pseudo Slang at these links to keep up with all the newness:

Here is the official music video for the A-Side of the German Import 7” Vinyl single Pseudo Slang X Trucker Stroe “Cool Letter Man” on
ThinkLoud Records shot in Leipzig DE by Arvid Wu. Cool Letter Man ran for weeks at #3 on the Underground Hip Hop dot com charts: 

... the 7" a-side is avail with the whole download package at the bandcamp:


Th Dec 4-- PS @ at Double Door (Door No.3) – Chicago IL

F Dec 5-- PS @ at Old Miami – Detroit MI

M Dec 8-- PS @ at The Loft – Fint MI

PSCYCLIC Europa Tour 2015

F Jan 9 -- PS @ Ostpol – Dresden Germany

Sat Jan 10 -- PS @ Alte Kaffeirosterei – Plauen Germany

Th Jan 15-- PS @ Christiana Jazzclub – Copenhagen Denmark
F Jan 16-- PS @ Platform4 – Aalborg Denmark
F Jan 23 -- PS @ Basta – Gorlitz Germany

S Jan 24 -- PS @ Lolabar – Leipzig Germany

W Jan 28 -- PS @ LU99 – Leipzig Germany

F Jan 30 -- PS @ CBE – Cologne Germany

S Jan 31 -- PS @ Kontext Wiesbaden – Wiesbaden Germany

Th Feb 5 -- PS @ Pelsterdwarsstraat – Groningen Netherlands
F Feb 6 -- PS @ De Bakkerij – Castricum Netherlands
Sat  Feb 7-- PS @ De Rauwe School – Amsterdam Netherlands
Sat Feb 14-- PS @ Eschschloraque – Berlin Germany
W Feb 18-- PS @ Kapu – Linz Austria

17. Februar, ab 22 Uhr

Bande á Part
- Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter -


The Squidling Brothers Circus Sideshow
International Freakshow

Prepare to witness the freakiest group of death defying Freaks ever
assembled!! Join "The Squidling Brothers Circus Sideshow" for a night of
mind bending comedy stunts that will leave you in stitches one minute and
your jaw on the floor the next.

Freakshow Comedy:

The Electric Koala Prince with his bird bones and wheel chair,

The Velvet Crayon

Da Witch of Switch, the dragon lunged lady, Fibi Jane Changes

Time Traveling Stuntman and World's Only Inflatable Boy,

Roc Roc it

The Sword Swallowing Clown with the upside down frown turned

upside down Jelly Boy

The Pain Proof Music Man with his bed of nails and skin of steel

Matterz Squidling

* * *

The Squidlings Perform Across the U.S. And Europe at Carnivals, Festivals, Bars, Squats,
and Large Theaters.

The two Philadelphia-based brothers "Jelly Boy The Clown” (Living Cartoon and Natural-Born
Weirdo) and "Matterz Squidling" (The Impenetrable Music Man) stepped right up in 2007 to
create The Squidling Bros. Circus Sideshow.   Putting a comic and dare-devilish spin on the
classic American Sideshows of the early 20th century.

Through out their travels and performances The Squidlings have worked with countless sideshow
freaks, burlesque dancers and circus performers.

The brothers are accompanied by an amazing rotating cast of performers. Roc Roc It (The Worlds
Only Inflatable Boy) a  traveling street performer from Berlin who made his mark in Coney Island
USA.  Roc has since brought laughs and thrills to audiences through out Europe as a member of the
Squidlings and as a solo performer. Princess Tweedle Needle is Holland's one and only Human
Pin Cushion Girl. She performs various classical fakiracts and mixes them with modern sideshow.
Her charming, comical character will spin around in the heads of the audience when she performs.
All her acts are real and she is not afraid to bleed for you!   Titano Oddfellow, illustrated strong man
and giant from the icy north, Mad Madeleine Belle, Rush Hicks The Anatomical Wonder and The
Velvet Crayon have accomanied the Squidling Bros. on their most recent U.S. tour.  In previous
years, Betty Bloomerz, Maray Feugo, Lars Vegas, Bunny Savage, Yareli Urbina, Lunchbox,
Rose Bonjo, Tommy Toons, and The Illustrated Penguin have shared the stage and the tour bus
with the Squidlings. And continue to do so at occasional performances.

A few acts you can expect to see are fire breathing, a man walking up a ladder of machetes barefoot
and jumping into a pile of broken glass without a scratch!  "Unusual sword swallowing,” which involves
shooting fireworks out of a sword or shooting a jet of flame out of the handle! 
Syringe needles pierced through various parts of the body.  A large metal anchor spun by pierced ear lobes. 
Nail beds, humans and chickens stacked together in a delicate balance.

While Jelly Boy describes their first tours as "throwing everything in a few bags and boxes and hitting the
road, flying, taking the train, whatever it took to get there,” they've since evolved into a must see
sensation. Over the past few years, the Squidling Bros. Circus Sideshow have performed with Primus,
Exploited and Circus Contraption. They have appeared at the Bohemian Carnival with the Vau De Vire
Society,  The Coney Island Rockabilly Festival 2008-10, The World Steam Punk Expo Detroit
2010,  Opatijske Barufe 2011 in Croatia, Theatre Bizarre 2009-12 and The Amsterdam Tattoo Museum
in 2012.

Jelly Boy the Clown proved himself an amazing real life escape artist in the  summer of 2011 when he
was badly burned in a Queens apartment fire that was unrelated to any performance. Coming off a long
day of working at Ripley's Believe It Or Not as a sword swallower, he was crashing at a friend's apartment
for the night and woke up to a house fire. Rescued by the NYFD, he sustained burns on 15 percent of
 his body and his lungs, suffered carbon monoxide poisoning and was in ICU for six weeks. Typical
of his work ethic and powerful passion for life, Jelly Boy defied the medical odds, quickly learned to
walk and eat again, and was back on the road within two months of getting out of the hospital.

"We're all about manipulating dark and dangerous objects, but without being truly harmed,” says
Jelly Boy. "We're not necessarily about mutilation or pain but overcoming and escaping those things.
Much like martial arts, learning to do these stunts takes a lot of research and trial and error. We made
our own props  and practiced in the safety of our living rooms. A lot of things appear like illusions, but this
is a stunt show, not an illusion show. That's always the most interesting thing about a circus sideshow
—what you're watching is very real but it still boggles the mind. Everything we're doing is based on
pre-existing side show acts,but we're basically reinventing the genre for ourselves. People have been
sticking screwdrivers up their nose for a long time and swallowing swords for thousands!”

In 2004 the brothers created "Carnivolution,” the monthly DIY underground party and circus show
performed with puppets, costumes and guest sideshow and circus performers. The Squidling Bros.
Circus Sideshow is an outgrowth of this show, which began on South Street before moving to a
unique outdoor space at the Tiberino Museum in West Philadelphia. Several backyards are connected
to an art garden, with 3-D murals and sculptures throughout.

"The Squidling Bros. concept evolved out of the variety shows we were doing with Carnivolution,”
says Matterz. "We developed sketch comedy vaudelville show like with puppets and live performers.
We had a live music stage and a sideshow stage that was a gravel pit with a treehouse overlooking it.
We started to tell the Squidling story with our variety show, as if The Squidling Bros. were traveling
through space and time to different dimensions. When we started traveling with the Sideshow, some
young artists were there to keep it happening every month. We currently hold it in the same place, the
second Friday of every month, from May through October, and usually schedule our touring around it.”

During the summers of 2009-10, The Squidlings also produced a weekly summer variety sideshow,
burlesque night in Coney Island, USA, held every Saturday on the boardwalk at Cha Cha's, a bar favored
by wise guys and wild women—and anyone else who enjoys hanging. Individual performers have
also appeared on the stage at the Coney Island USA Sideshow by the Sea and Ripley's Believe It Or
Not in Times Square.

"We believe The Squidling Bros. Sideshow Circus is successful because people are always fascinated
by the physically impossible, or seeing before their eyes something that should be impossible,” says Jelly.
"There's an element here that you don't get in live music, where the audience is a continual part of
the show, and yelling, heckling and call and response is encouraged. Those chants take everyone
back to a primal part of the human experience. People like danger and love to laugh. They are excited
by daredevils and the idea of cheating death but just barely. We bring all these elements and so many
more together in one place. Other similar shows in recent years were straight freak shows. Ours is more of
a freak show and stunt show with dancing, aerial stunts and comedy.”

18. Februar ab 22 Uhr

MissVergnügen presents

Señor Depressivo feat. Anita Groschen
- Depressionen für Millionen !

Dj/ne: Jri & MissVergnügen

25. Februar ab 22 Uhr

Dj's: MissVergnügen & #42

Samstag, 07. März, ab 22 Uhr

DJ Pinchado

Julio Lozano, born in Buenos Aires in 1969, is an experimental Argentinian
musician touring extensively over Europe and Latin America, solo as
DJ Pinchado since 2003, and as a member of the duo Constitu Sound
since 2010.

A precursor of the electro cumbia music genre, he loves to cut and paste
cumbia loops in an noisy style. He reuses sounds from traditional cumbia
from Peru and Colombia, especially chicha and huayno styles played with
electric guitar. He creates his own mixes, experimentating with these sounds
and also with electronica and noise music.

Since a few years, he also enjoys to incorporate gamelan music, following the
path between peruvian and indonesian music. He started studying (balinese
or javanese) gamelan at the Indonesian embassy in Buenos Aires and
investigates the deep connexions between the two repetitive universes.

He runs the independant record store and label Silbando Discos in Buenos
Aires and is the executive producer of 8 records.

During 2015 will be presenting the 7-inch call Chorisour.

Dienstag, 10. März, ab 22 Uhr

Bande á Part
- Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter -

Cristina Lelli (Visuals)
Marcel Krämker (Kontrabass)
Polyxeni Angelidou (Performerin)

"Tuesday * Travel"

Dauer: 45 Minuten

Mithilfe eines Overhead Projektors schafft Cristina Lelli animierte
Sie verwendet diverse Objekte wie Tinte, Kugeln, Wasser.
Die Projektion steht in Dialog mit den Bewegungen.
Die erdigen Rhythmen des Kontrabassisten Marcel Krämer treten in
Kommunikation mit der visuellen Ebene.

*Trailer Polyxeni:

Alle Künstler kommunizieren in ihrer Improvisation horizontal
miteinander, um das Publikum in einer 45-minutige Reise zu bringen.


"Bande a Part"

(Veranstaltung für Außenseiter)

Fotocred: Henryk Weiffenbach
Bande á Part auf Facebook

Anmeldung bei Caro unter:
caro (at) oder: 0172 / 2946548

Rosenthaler Str. 39 - 2. Hinterhof
10178 Berlin - Mitte

S-Bahn Hackescher Markt
U-Bahn 8 Weinmeisterstraße

Täglich ab 14 Uhr
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Weiffenbach und Fuhrmann GbR
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10178 Berlin - Mitte
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