• Freitag, 13. März ab 22Uhr



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  • Donnerstag, 12. März ab 22Uhr

    LeBron Aggressive

    Courtesy of the artists

    Peter Entrée (bass) first met Jordan Ramsay (keys) in the summer of 2004 while attending a filo-pastry-making course in the sparse jungles of Western Australia. They tentatively hit it off, abandoning the course and journeying on together in search of the perfect dish. Along the way, they joined an army, learned the dark arts of modulation, and met a string of colourful characters.

    This is their story; told through music and film. Expect a pinch of electronic beats, freshly-ground funk rhythms, surprise witnesses, and a healthy dollop of good vibes to top it all off. Enjoy hot or cold!


    Dj: Infinite Livez

    Infinite Livez is an MC and artist whose a wide range of influences takes in such diverse sources as P-Funk and Surrealism. His first album Bush Meat was released by Big Dada in 2004 to immediate critical acclaim in the UK and abroad.

  • Mittwoch, 11. März ab 22Uhr

    Marvellous Tunes for March

    Courtesy of the artists

    on the couch: Coost Lardy Cake & MissVergnügen

  • Dienstag, 10. März ab 22Uhr

    Bande á Part

     - tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter -


        S R & C o m p a n y


      A l o n e  I n  S p a c e
    - 4 Künstler auf dem Weg zum Kosmos (Premiere)

    Courtesy of the artists

    Rabenschwarzes Nachtgewand

    Von Edelsteinen bedeckt

    Mit Mysterien gefüllt

    In Unendlichkeit genäht

    Rabenschwarze Stille

    Von Leere bedeckt

    Mit Kälte gefüllt

    In Dunkelheit genährt

    Glühendes Licht

    Kommt in mir hoch

    Aus mir heraus

    Strahlend in die Weite




    Und wenn sich die Steine treffen

    Sind wir nicht mehr allein

    Musik: Andrew McGinn

    Tanz: Angela Stelia | Christoph Viol

    Visual: Safy Sniper

  • Samstag, 07. März ab 22Uhr


    Courtesy of the artist

    Party addicted and Flea markets vinyl junkee, since his early days in Berlin Mybachdisco get in touch with the unique atmosfere of a city “in-between”. Getting the chance to being in contact with the infamous label Bptich Control, he could absorb day and night the Berlin electro music scene in all its entirety. In the attempt to put together the music influences of more of 20 years, he always try to reproduce this ride between timeless sounds and forgotten spaces playing a“back into groove” mix of electro, disco & dub. You may have already listen to him playing at Das Hotel during his monthly residency “Mo Better Funk” or at Farbfernseher, at Goldengate and at Gretchen sharing the decks with important names like Nickodemus, Pagliara, The Ivory Boy, Mop Mop and many others. Currently still based in Berlin and producing releases together with his partner in crime Tulioxi under the italian label “Cosmic Sumo”.

    Take a music ride:

  • Freitag, 06. März ab 22Uhr

    Al Chem

    Courtesy of the artist

    Producer, Musician and DJ celebrates electronic music with an eclectic selection of genre and time spanning retrofuture gems. You will get the full package of grooves infused with psychedelic elements and occasionally will be trown back into some strange realm of obscure and surprisining remixes...
    Ready yourself for the retrofuture ...

  • Donnerstag, 05. März ab 22Uhr

    Munsha & Kido Gohn – Live!

    Munscha & Martina Bertoni, courtesy of the artists

    MUNSHA & KIDO GOHN treten in ein einzigartiges klanglisches Zwiegespräch, das sie live in ihrem Sound-Dialog führen: Die Musikerin, Sängerin, Sound Designerin und Performerin MUNSHA verdichtet den Dialog zwischen individuellen und sich immer wieder neu aufeinander einspielenden Sounds mit fesselnden Cello-Klängen. Dabei verschmelzen Rhythmen des Rock mit unkonventionellen, harmonischen Strukturen; das klangliche Spektrum mag in Dark Wave Melodien übergehen und harmonische Kadenzen gipfeln in Electronics. Heute wird sie dabei von Special Guest KIDO GOHN unterstützt.

    Die Klangsprache der Cellos erzählt von einem komplexen Sound, in dem alle Elemente gleichberechtigt sind, sich wechselseitig steigern und bereichern: Rhythmische Parts erscheinen und verschwinden wieder, setzen zu neuen Strukturen an, die hie und da mit Noise- und Minimal-Elementen überraschen mögen und schließlich die Individualität der Künstler in den Austausch untereinander treten lassen. Das Resultat ist einzigartig und unvorhersehbar – ein mitreißender, sich klanglich stets verdichtender Live-Act, der die Bühne im Eschschloraque zum Podium für den Dialog der Sounds werden lässt!

    Text: Vera Fischer


  • Mittwoch, 04. März ab 22Uhr

    MissVergnügen o.h.o.

    Corutesy of the artist
  • Samstag, 29. Februar ab 22Uhr

    Holiday In Mitte

    Anita Drink  & Suprise Guest
    Dj & Performance


    Courtesy of the artist

     „Holiday in Mitte“ klingt entspannt, wird aber eine abgefahrene Party mit DJ-Set auf direktem Weg in die Hölle. Klingt schön beängstigend, wird aber höllisch glamourös: Die legendäre ANITA DRINK der berühmt-berüchtigten Glam Punk-Rock Band Eat Lipstick lädt zu einem schillernden Sound-Gelage in den Künstlerclub ein: „Hot stuff! On stage or off!! Anita Drink captivates Berlin audiences in her own unique way, blending comedy, disco, punk, blues and dance music into a party riot!!“  ANITA DRINK steigt direkt aus dem Berliner Glamour Underground an die Turntables und bringt die Tanzfläche zum Lodern. Kommt mit zur „punk rock royalty“ und nehmt Euch Ferien im Eschschloraque, wenn sich alle von diesem Feuer aus Disco Glam Punk erholen müssen: „The Diva herself returns to her beloved residency at the legendary Eschschloraque. Her ‚Juan-Whoa! Man?!’ show promises to take us on a journey of cabaret, laughter and high camp drama! See you on the dance floor!"

    Text: Vera Fischer

  • Freitag, 28. Februar ab 22Uhr

    V E R L O R E N

    epileptic post punk waves

    A selection of lost sounds from the 80´s, present and future. Rarities, B sides, forgotten names and all the flohmarkt glory you secretly listen to.

    Come with us, dance with us, get lost with us.


  • Donnerstag, 27. Februar ab 22Uhr

    Lotis Tyr

    Foto: Jakub Koncir

    Lotis Tyr  - Live

    „Lotis Tyr ́s dusky electro is like the soundtrack for a dream: full of mystery and uncertainty, haunted by dark desires and faded memories.“

    Born to a Greek father and a German mother who travelled the continents, Lotis grew up absorbing sounds from all corners of the world. Having spent her youth listening to guitarheavy music and singing in the school choir, she decided to settle down in the midst of the buzzling, ever- changing Berlin of the early millennium, enhancing her musical horizon with the city ́s electronic repertoire. Lotis obtained a Master of Arts degree in Film and Literature, then got a glimpse of movie making working on international film sets and eventually writing her first script.

    Deeply influenced by the silver screen both theoretically and practically, Lotis started capturing her musical ideas on her computer. In 2011 her first band, the electro-pop formation “Mont Royal“, was founded. When the duo decided to go separate ways in 2014, “Lotis Tyr“ was born: an all-digital solo project melding musical and cinematic elements into hallucinatory soundscapes with vibrant beats and distinctive vocals.

    Given the multitude of influences that run through her biography, it comes as no surprise that Lotis Tyr identifies with all things hybrid:

    “I don ́t seem to relate to one-dimensional perspectives. I always feel in between, caught in the middle of the established dualities. Northern and southern, strong and fragile, male and female, old and new – I carry all of them within me and that ́s what I try to express through my music: the simultaneity of the allegedly disparate.“

    Lotis Tyr ́s debut EP “Intro“ was released in 2017 and followed by the single (+video) „Somebody Else´s Eyes (Blinded Version 2018)“.

    Her second EP will be released later this year.

  • Mittwoch, 26. Februar ab 22Uhr


    Djane-Team Askalise & MissVergnügen
    - natürlich auf der Couch

    Courtesy of the artists

  • Dienstag, 25. Februar ab 22Uhr

    Bande à Part

    - Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter-

    Principio X

    Courtesy of the artist

    Giada Palmisano (Dance)
    Alma Consoli (visuals)
    Piero Schiavone (music)

    There is a connection between space and time; it gathers the various aspects of existence that are in constant evolution. This connection opens a portal between two totalities bringing back a dynamic balance. This concept is well represented with the Infinity symbol. One side representing time or mind and the other side representing space or soul etc. The “X” that forms in the middle of the infinity sign has a correlation to emptiness, but is also where rhythm originates. Rhythm is fed by energy and therefore without rhythm there wouldn’t be life.

  • Samstag, 22. Februar ab 22Uhr


    DJs: Maurice & Andre Herzig
    VJ: Safy Sniper

    Diesen Samstag wird der Künstlerclub kurzerhand zum Superclub! Das bedeutet, dass die DJs Maurice & André Herzig ihre Soundcollagen durchs Eschschloraque schallen lassen, während VJ Sniper diese Soundwelt mit berauschenden Visuals vervollständigt!

    Safy Etiel aka VJ Sniper ist Multimedia-Künstler und einer der VJ-Pioniere der Berliner Club-Szene. Er präsentiert seine Arbeiten weltweit auf Festivals, in Clubs, mit Tanzkompanien, bei Theater-Produktionen und Klassischen Konzerten. Seine Videos und Sound-Installationen schaffen einzigartige visuelle Atmosphären, die mit traditionellen Sehgewohnheiten brechen oder diese herausfordern.

    Text: Vera Fischer

  • Freitag, 21. Februar ab 22Uhr

    SchattenVoraus meets BeatsPerMistress

    :: Queered Weird Post Punk ::

    Schatten Voraus from the underground Queer party Dis/Tanz in Berlin meets BeatsPerMistress from the former Queer Gothic Party Tanz Debil in Hamburg for a night of queered weird post punk, dark wave, minimal and other relatives.

    BeatsPerMistress - 20 years queer revolution!
    Kick-ass queer Femme from Hamburg. Making queer hearts beat faster with diverse sets from dark wave to oriental to queer house music.

    Courtesy of the artists


    Schatten Voraus
    DJ and co-founder of Trash Me! and Dis/Tanz, playing dark tunes for the queer folks of Berlin's underground.

    Courtesy of the artist