• Donnerstag, 23. Mai ab 21Uhr

    Cle & Eva Be - Dj Set

    Credits by Eva Be

    Cle & Eva Be, both original Berlin Djs since the early 90s, deeply rooted in the music scene of the city. Though both each have a long lasting career of their own, their energetic and diverse back2back DJ sets are still some kind of a well kept secret.

    LoYoTo are the east-berlin born Eva Be and Cle from the western part of the formerly divided city. Both started their dj and producer career almost at the same time at the core of the then developing underground music scene in the very center of Berlin, just after the wall came down.

    originally rooted in very different styles of music, they encountered for the first time djing together in 2012,finding common ground in more than just music – a gig, that should lead to more: They decided to combine their talent and knowledge and build a studio together.
    Here, and during legendary back2back dj sets, they finally united their different musical backgrounds – Dub/Reggae and underground House music and defined their very own sound.

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  • Mittwoch, 22. Mai ab 21Uhr

    MissVergnügen presents KAJBO - live

    courtesy of the artist


    Ja, Kajbo.

    Kajbo heißt auf Schwedisch Dohlennest. Sehr gemütlich? Auf japanisch bedeutet Kajbo „Autopsie", gemütliche Autopsie? Was bedeutet Kajbo auf Estnisch?

    Rainer Jancis:

    (...) you have to try some other language or make up meaning yourself.

     All words are just bubbles , they become something only after we make agreement what they mean. ... words are rockstars"

    Kajbo ist ein neues Wort.

    Kajbo heißt Satire trifft progressive Popmusik, harte Beats, zarte Synthies, geniale Texte, die den Zeitgeist treffen.

    Sind wir normal? Sind wir legal? Ist die Revolution digital? Bist du gut strukturiert? Macht jemand Kaffee nur für dich?

    Die Antwort kennst nur du.

    Kajbo ist eine fiktive Person, präsentiert von Boky als Kajbo und Schmacky als seinem Host.

    Ganz nach dem Motto:

    „Kommt tanzen, kommt staunen!"


    Neue Lieder! Neue Show!

    Djne: MissVergnügen

    ab 21uhr
    Live show 22uhr

  • Dienstag, 21. Mai ab 21Uhr

    Bande á Part

    - Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter




    Photo by Lucia Imparato

    The piece comes from reflections and a deep sense of emptiness and fullness. We exist in this reality without having to do anything. Either the members of our family or the people who used to surround us since the moment we were born, are the first examples on how to be part of a life routine.  We learn everything from scratch observing what is around us, we receive an education based on the culture where we were raised in and we think everything reflects the way we were taught to do.
    Institutions give us knowledge and our crossed paths with others give us a sense of community.
    What we experience as mistakes give us wisdom and adventures make us marvel. But what if we arrive at one point when we have built everything that we thought we wanted and we fulfilled the desires of the ones we care for and we also took decisions that made us proud of ourselves but then in the end we happen to have a glimpse of deep consciousness and we realize something else.
    WHAT IF LIVING WAS JUST KILLING TIME is a touching and somehow hydronic way of wasting time, on deciding how to use the time we received as a gift.  As I am doing right now, writing this. And you are doing so, reading it. So, as an artist, I choose to dance this unchangeable imaginary timeline. My will is to waste seconds, minutes and maybe hours honoring movement and the life I was given with it, celebrating the unknown and laughing about it but also mourning it.
    I consciously take the decision of being present in this eternal dilemma we constantly fill with duties and appointments, avoiding thinking about the purpose of existence. There is no sense in what we do unless it has some meaning for us.

    G i a d a  G r  i e c o  is a contemporary dancer, transdisciplinary performer and dance teacher based in Berlin. Born in Naples and graduated in Science of Movement at the University of Salerno, she has always been interested in movement and all possible kinds of art.
    She attended many dance trainings in Europe: TTC in Naples directed by Fabrizio Varriale and Chiara Alborino; Specific training for contemporary dancers in Ladispoli with Loris Petrillo; Almadanza in Bologna directed by Elisa Pagani; then she moved to Portugal to be a student in the physical theater programme Performact and in 2021 she moved to Berlin to finish her studies at DART DSP.
    She has been deepening her movement research all over Europe in many well-known workshops and intensives: B12 (Germany), Summer Intensive at P. A. R. T. S (Belgium), Summer Intensive Portugal (A Dos-Cunhados), Impulstanz (Austria) and others, until last year she moved outside Europe to attended the intensive course Kalakeli in India for one month and recently she has been invited to study at Suzanne Dellal in Tel Aviv, to join the GagaLab, dancing and researching movement qualities with the guidance of Ohad Naharin and the Batsheva Dance Company members.
    She is currently working at Berliner Ensemble as movement choir member for “Exil”, a theater piece choreographed by Ted Stoffer and directed by Luk Perceval; she has been recently working with DNA Dance Company, directed by Elisa Pagani, for a production called “Mare Urbano” in Bologna and she is a guest teacher for Release technique, floorwork and improvisation classes at DART, Berlin.

    Dance: Giada Grieco

    Music: ASERET

    Photo: Lucia Imparato

    Art installation on the wall: Luca Cuccurullo

  • Samstag, 18. Mai ab 21Uhr

    Reni:tenz & Hinrich Tung - Dj Set

    Courtesy of the Artists

    Reni:tenz & Hinrich Tung both from berlin and dj for 10-15years in all the tiny kellerklubs and kneipen. Me (r:t) often as the duo fish'n'candy.  They will play punk, post punk and all kinds of wave.

  • Freitag, 17. Mai ab 21Uhr

    Design By Accident w/ Migz

    Courtesy of the Artist

    We welcome our good friend Matt aka Migz - vinyl addict, turntablist and co-curator of Drums @ Work, known for his unique mixing style and extensive record collection. Fuelled by the forgotten art of turntablism, Migz fuses a wide spectrum of sounds and genres together, providing audiences with an eclectic journey from the old school, to the new, and beyond.
    Our resident Spoonman DJ will join him for a deep back 2 back session, propper digging style!

  • Mittwoch, 15. Mai ab 21Uhr

    Hot Tunes for Cool Cats

    on the couch: Kerosine & MissVergnügen

    Eclectic Night! MissVergnügen forms Berlin Underground DJ culture since the noughties and stands for a wide range of sounds from "20er-Jahre-Musik" up to Electro. She has an incredible talent for creating musical atmospheres based on the audience; a vibrant process!

    Company tonight is Kerosine when both build a unique sonic surround from the couch on Eschschloraque's stage.

  • Samstag, 11. Mai ab 21Uhr

    Dorothy's Friend

    DJ: Feel. MA
    house, disco, and eclectic sounds

    Foto: Rock Murciano

    Welcome to "Dorothy's Friend" – a gathering that celebrates friendship, inclusion, and the spirit of connection. The name "Friends of Dorothy" holds a significant place in queer history, originating as a subtle code used by LGBTQ+ individuals to identify one another during a time when open expression of identity was often met with adversity. Named after the beloved character Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz" it served as a way for members of the community to connect, find solidarity, and create safe spaces in a world that didn't always accept them. Just as Dorothy's companions found strength and support in each other on their journey to the Emerald City, we too come together to celebrate the bonds of friendship and the beauty of diversity.

    As your DJ, I'll be curating a mix that's as diverse as our community – blending elements of house, disco, and eclectic sounds to accompany your conversations, laughter, and shared moments. While you enjoy good cocktails and great company, let the music be the backdrop to your evening, adding just the right touch of rhythm and vibe to enhance every sip and every smile.

    So get ready to groove, mingle, and lose yourself in the music. Whether you're voguing with friends, making new connections, or simply basking in the electric atmosphere, know that this space is yours to embrace, to express, and to be exactly who you are. Relax, unwind, and let the melodies guide you through the night.

    Feel. MA

    Raised in a little village in Northern Italy, Feel. MA took refuge in music, influenced by his parents' varied tastes. But after being introduced to the club scene, there was no turning back, he immersed himself in the electronic world, dance music and colorfoul vibes.

    His style, influenced by italian producers and the London warehouse movement, combines house, electro, and disco. Attracted to music creation, he now makes Berlin home, mesmerizing audiences with long shows at prestigious locations like as Chantal House of Shame and KitKat club.

    Feel. MA's purpose is to bring back the passion of house music by taking listeners on a journey of self-discovery through uplifting beats and pleasant vibes that transcend boundaries and languages.

    Short sentence for promotion:

    Are you a friend of Dorothy? Step into a celebration of community and inclusivity. Named after the historic code used by LGBTQ+ individuals, 'Friends of Dorothy,' our event pays homage to the strength found in unity. Join us for cocktails, togetherness, and eclectic beats at Dorothy's Friend!

  • Freitag, 10. Mai ab 21Uhr

    Pleasure Seekers Club - Dj Set

    Dr. Do-Good & Suzy Creamcheese Crude Underground GARAGE PARTY
    on VINYL only

    Dr. Do-Good is a certified No-Count who is also known to occasionally spin a healthy cocktail of acid tinged garage sounds with dashes of 60s Soul/R'n'B/Surf at exclusive events like the Pleasure Seekers Club and the Hip City Soul Club.


    Courtesy of the Artist

    Suzy Creamcheese is the host of Berlin Beat Invasion festival and a regular event named Pleasure Seekers Club. Both events are dedicated to underground sounds of past dimensions. 60s garage punk/ lots of girl sounds may it be soul/rnb or 60s punk.

    Link FB :

  • Donnerstag, 09. Mai ab 20Uhr

    Juliette Wallace

    - Live @Eschschloraque

    Bild: Yaro Koshelev

    Den verruchten Winkeln poetisch düsteren Undergrounds entlockt Juliette Wallace eine beispiellose Sinnlichkeit. Ihr kraftvoller Gesang - immer wieder verglichen mit PJ Harvey oder Patti Smith - und ihre unverschämt berauschenden Performances legen die Seele einer Künstlerin frei, deren Alternative Folk zwischen Narration, Lyrik und zeitloser Rhythmik oszilliert.

    Die Musikerin, Sprecherin, Multiinstrumentalistin, Komponistin und Sängerin gründete die Bands Juliette and the Sin, Kamoos wie auch Fantuzzi und wirkte u.a. Camera, Jaguar No Me und Morphine Ridges mit.


    Bild: Yaro Koshelev

    Juliettes Texte, umgeben von innovativen Gitarrenloops und Melodien aus den Tiefen poetischer Melancholie, lassen innehalten, versetzen bisweilen in eigene Seelenwelten und überzeugen wahrscheinlich gerade durch ihre Ehrlichkeit, die nichts an Einfühlsamkeit einbüßt.

    " I can't afford therapy, so I'm doing this instead", beginnt Juliette ein Konzert; ihre Sets sind "a sonic and narrative journey deep into the deepest blues, reds and purples of her mind ..." und sie trifft uns dabei selbst auf direktem Weg ins Innere - elektrisierend, gleich einem Stromschlag: "electrocuted".

    Text: Vera Fischer

  • Mittwoch, 08. Mai ab 21Uhr

    MissVergnügen presents the Fabels- live!!

    Foto by Brian

    Sydney post punk dreampop psychedelic Duo Fabels returns to Berlin Start of their Eurotour at Eschschloraque!

    Courtesy of the Artist

    Djne: MissVergnügen

    ab 21uhr
    Showtime 22uhr

  • Samstag, 04. Mai ab 21Uhr

    Spaghetti a Mezzanotte

    Barox + Don Rispetto

    Courtesy of the Artists

    In recent years, Berlin-based DJ Barox has become known, particularly for his Italo disco and eclectic selections, to the local Berlin and international communities.  Resident at Eschloraque in Berlin and Antic teatre in Barcelona he has been a guest DJ in many other venues, celebrated and recognized for his special Groove and ability to combine different facets of electro/disco music.

  • Freitag, 03. Mai ab 21Uhr

    Aussenborder Vinylsession


    Courtesy of the Artist

    Seit 1989 gilt: ob in einem kleinen Club, einer guten Bar oder auf einem schrägen Festival. Aussenborder schiebt mit seinen Platten durch die Nacht - jenseits von Genre oder BPM Grenzen. Überraschende Ausflüge und Gedankensprünge machen es für die Gäste zu einem wilden Ritt der verführt: zum Unbekannten! Move your ass and your mind will follow!

  • Mittwoch, 01. Mai ab 21Uhr

    MissVergnügen o.h.o.

    Die Mitte der Woche wird zum reinsten Vergnügen: am Mittwochabend präsentiert die Berliner DJane und Künstlerin MissVergnügen ausgewählte Musik-Highlights von der Couch aus, wo sie mit ihren Gästen – oder eben "on her own" – das  Publikum durch die Nacht bringt, mit einem besonderen Feingefühl für die passende Atmosphäre!

    MissVergnügen ist Berliner Musikerin, DJane und Schauspielerin – so umfassend ihr Talent und künstlerisches Wirken, so facettenreich sind auch die musikalischen Highlights, die sie dem Publikum im Eschschloraque bietet! Die Abende mit ihr sind im Künstlerclub mit Kultstatus längst zum festen ‚Ritual‘ geworden.

    Seid auf jeden Fall bereit für Überraschungen und dafür, auf Außergewöhnliches aus der Musikwelt zu treffen, wenn ihr euch mit Vergnügen im Halbdunkel der Monsterbar Eschschloraque einfach treiben lassen könnt!

    Text: Vera Fischer

  • Dienstag, 30. April ab 21Uhr

    Bande á Part

    Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter
    D o n ' t  O b e y

    A b o u t T h e P i e c e :
    "Two people, sharing the space.
    They meet, they acknowledge each other.
    Through playing and moving, without being aware they push boundaries, cross lines and interfere in each other's personal space.
    Yet, beneath the surface, lies a fear of true intimacy.
    They are stuck within the lines drawn by our society, leading to superficial encounters and a sense of solitude.
    So, they find loneliness and at time indifference.
    They share shallow conversations.
    They fear deep connections.
    As a mirror that reflects, it is an invitation to confront yourself"

    Francesca Fazi:
    Alessia Vinotto:

  • Sonntag, 28. April ab 21Uhr

    Dj/Vj Safy Sniper

    eclectic mix - all styles

    Courtesy of the Artist

    Der renommierte, international erfahrene DJ und Video-Künstler Safy bedient die Turntables im Eschschloraque und bereichert seine Soundwelt mit den passenden Visuals für eine berauschende Nacht!
    Als VJ Sniper hat er nicht nur für bekannte DJs und Musiker gearbeitet, sondern auch Visualisierungen für klassische Musik in Szene gesetzt, z.B. Steve Reichs „Different Trains“, u. a. aufgeführt bei der Biennale für Zeitgenössische Musik, Tel Aviv und der ars electronica, „Restitution“, Rom, und „on site“ im Hauptbahnhof Leipzig. Safy Etiel schafft visuelle Atmosphären, produziert Video- und Klanginstallationen und liebt es, bei seiner Arbeit klassische Sehgewohnheiten zu brechen und ästhetisch zu provozieren.

    Text: Vera Fischer