Donnerstag, 09. April ab 22Uhr

cancelled - Live Cinema performance


Essence of TO BE

Essence of TO BE is a mix of arts and forms focused on creating an immersive experience for those who see it. Produced in a year of research in different European countries, Üç ( #photoarianna ) photographer and director and DE FEO dj and sound designer, have collected the images, experiences and sounds that make the most important cities in Europe unique in their kind. The Live Cinema project will be composed by the assembly and live mapping of the images collected this year mixed in short stories with a unique storytelling for the duration of the film.
To make the experience special will be the soundtracks created specifically live for the occasion and the mix of ambient sounds collected in different places. The intent we set ourselves is to transport the user into a parallel reality made of different emotions, sensations and moods of life. As a leitmotif, he will certainly experience the "madhouse" experience of the most extreme video art, which will make sense of the free mix without prior programming of the various stories. Essence of TO BE is a story without a beginning or an end that goes beyond the expectations of the spectators and of the authors themselves. Each performance will be unique and unrepeatable, do not miss the opportunity to experience a trip to the most mystical countries of our brain.


 Üç ( #photoarianna )

Photoarianna, is a fotographer, videomaker and director with experience in shooting and visual storytelling. She worked in city like Florence, Milano and Napoli for the most important brands in the world of fashion and beauty. Her instruction in the world of the new media arts places her on the contemporary art scene as a young emerging artist capable of mixing different contemporary art forms into one medium. Unique experiences of mixing images come to light from his study of human perception in relation to the camera. Each person, environment or subject changes seen in a photographic lens, and she always tries to grasp this aspect and to lay it bare for her viewers. She's a more then photographer.  



DE FEO is a dj, sound designer and visual artist, with experience in soundtrack, events and media comunication in city like Amsterdam, London, Belgrade, Barcelona, ​​Berlin and much more. His ability to mix the emotions of the dance floor, with the need for an artistic experience place him among the most talented emerging youngsters on the Italian music scene. In recent years he has collaborated in the creation of soundtracks and artistic installations for important Italian museums such as the MADRE and the MANN of Naples and performances for brands such as Jagermeister, Amsterdam Dance Event and much more. His knowledge of communication mixed with skills in new media art perfectly blends his need to convey to the people who listen to him not only the right sound,but always a unique collective experience, transporting people always different places with the use of samples created or recorded by himself on his long journeys. He has over 100 international dates and one of the best 10 Hard Techno labels currently on the market. For him, making music is not simply about producing sound, but about transporting people into a boundless experience.    

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