Freitag, 20. Oktober ab 22Uhr

Eschschloraque presents:

Geyger art gallery is a private studio located on the territory of Haus Schwarzenberg, founded in 2016 by Italian expat Andrea Milano. The mission of the space is to be a laboratory for development of sonic experimentation, performance driven sound works, and cross-disciplinary art. At present, Geyger is also working on creating conceptual web radio podcasts that will document their activity, give voice to the artists involved and present their sounds to the world.

On this evening we here @ Eschschloraque decided to give our stage to the Geyger collective to showcase their laboratory work and share some of their talent with our audience.

FlussPluss is the solo project of Luca Andriola (1988 Italy), the drummer of SexyRexy and member of various projects including Ulanbator, the Somnambulist and other collaborations. Since 2012, takes on a polynstrumentalist approach, with  synths, guitar, bass and effects. Currently active as improviser in Berlin with several projects: Mutant Linx, Puppe'n Mucke, Automatenfall. Of Krautrock rock inspiration, no wave and grunge, FlussPluss moves between walls of sound and minimalism.

“Opening doors on surreal worlds, shapes and colors get riding, dancing with each other…” Experiments with her own visual art and artistic materials to develop videos for collaborations with musicians, creating live moving pictures as a performance.

What is Music? When does a sound become a musical piece or a part of it? Does any sound transmit a message per se or is its meaningfulness determined by conditions? What are those conditions? JOGA (vocalist Ganna Gryniva and drummer Joe Smith) are searching for the answers to these questions, creating unconventional and minimalistic music. Using and enjoying the freedom of the duo setting, they provoke and yet cling to each other in a musical dance that is choreographed in the moment. Drawing on Ukrainian folklore, world groove, jazz and shamanic trance, in JOGA two sounds come together and become one piece of music, beyond category.

Chilean reality star, poolside voyeur, connoisseur of alternative women’s haircuts. “I always get very obsessive about them” says Harmony about the sessions on each one of his recordings. Half of this is actual music – guitar leads, choruses, bridges. The other half is gossip, shit talk, slices of his own reality filtered through shame and conceit, triumph and heartbreak.

Infinite Livez is a MC and artist who studied Chelsea Art College. His wide range of influences comes from such diverse sources as P- Funk and Surrealism. His first album "Bush Meat" was released on Big Dada/Ninja Tune Records in 2004 to immediate critical acclaim in the UK and abroad.

+ very special guest t.b.a. soon


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