Samstag, 23. September ab 22Uhr

Intergalactic Cat Adventures


The cat aliens are revealing themselves as:
Nacasat live techno  + cdj set
Oliotronix aka Murrrlo live gameboy + cdj set

Intergalactic Cats are taking holidays from exploring depths of cosmos and have scheduled an expedition to Earth for few earthly sonic sessions with their outerspace technology. According to NASA they have confirmed their next destination - Berlin, Germany. ESA (European Space Agency) has received and signed the agreement for supporting such an extraordinary event. Recently in the decoded message from cat aliens they have stated that they are preparing to experiment with earth-originated machines producing raw techno, electro and gameboy sounds in a live mode. Prepare for anti-gravity drops and to get lifted in space.

Come spend quality alien dancing night with them!

Oliotronix (gameboy cdj set)
Nacasat (live techno set)

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