Mittwoch, 13. Dezember ab 22Uhr

Hot Tunes for Cold Days

Foto: Daniel Schneerson

mit Dj Seraphim und eventuell ein bißchen MissVergnügen

'Conceived on the misty waters of the Amazon river, and born at a VIP room of an abandoned dusty disco, Seraphim had since an early age an inclination to the life changing aspects that music and organized sound can provoke on the human soul. Shamanism, musique concrète, conceptual art, extremism, aroma therapy, tantrism, culinary, hedonism ... are all elements that contribute and influence his sound.

Each set take us on a journey around sonic universes, traveling through
 every possible style and musical influences. From exotica to experimental jazz, from cheesy eighties disco to unexpected mash ups, from jumpy Klezmer to Burlesquesque old-timers... Each upcoming track is a surprise, and will expand the boundaries of the listener ears, bringing sometimes joy and luxury, sometimes drama and fear. Be sure to bring your dancing shoes and your ass-shaking pants to the oddly exquisite world of Seraphim's musical explorations.''

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