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SCHMITZ are Xminder and Glitz, a Dj Team formed in Lisbon in 2003 which combines in a perfect way their individual musical styles. They play sets full of synthetic groove incorporating a wide range of styles from Disco to House, from Techno to Electro, touching new electronic tendencies they guarantee one hell of a party.
Schmitz usually play in many sorts of well known clubs and bars and outdoor events. They shared together and individually cabins with many well known djs and producers in well know Portuguese clubs like Europa, MusicBox, Opart, Capela, Lounge, Left, Plano B, Maus Hábitos, Breyner 85, Cabaret, Nordik, Os Artistas from cities such as Lisbon, Faro, Porto. They also played around Europe in well know clubs as Tresor, Sisyphos, Cosmic Kaspar/Mein Haus Am See, GoetheBunker, Double Rainbow, Plan B from cities/countries such as Berlin, Hamburg, London, Amsterdam, Innsbruck, Switzerland, Denmark, Barcelona and other cities in the way.

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PLUG is a Portuguese artists collective. It is the clear minded platform to showcase the musical talent in several electronic genres.
PLUG consists in a wide range of diverse artists combining DJs and producers spreaded all over the world. Over the past years PLUG’s inherent love of melody and emotion has seen the label embrace such seemingly disparate styles as disco, house, techno, electro, acid and electronica.

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